RECENSIONI, ovvero, cosa si dice di me.

… ed ecco che cosa il giudizio espresso dal panel di fotografi e critici di Lens Culture circa il progetto "Rebus India", presentato per il concorso "Foto singole":

Walter, what a collection of thoughtful portraits.
It is wonderful that you have found a way to travel and develop your passion for photography.
You have submitted a dynamic group of single images for the review.
I can see through your work that you are committed to developing your vision and photographic language.
The captions that accompanied your photographs were helpful.
Oftentimes, audiences are eager to learn more about the work so this was a wonderful addition to your submission.
Let's discuss the images that you submitted: first of all, the images are very technically precise and composed thoughtfully. I was immediately attracted to the color palette and use of light in many of the photographs.
Images 2 and 3 specifically, highlight your strengths in using color and composition to hold your viewer's attention.
In image 2, the woman wearing the soft pink textiles acts as a strong visual device in contrast to the neutral background. I was drawn to her gesture and body language.
In image 3, the focal length and balanced composition were striking.
The man wearing the colourful orange clothes contrasted nicely against the teal background. The additional of the man in the rear of the frame was used effectively to keep your audience's eye within the frame.
For me, I appreciate the unexpected photographs in 7 and 8.
I have not seen images like this often and I found myself gravitating towards these two images.
In image 8, the angle and dynamic lighting invited me to look longer and engage with your subject's gesture. This image was a real standout!
Image 7 felt sophisticated and unexpected.
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